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Online graphic design tips, tutorials, software troubleshooting solutions for students & graphics professionals.

Graphic design tutorials, tips, techniques and software solutions

It's always good to learn new design techniques and graphic designers, whether students, juniors or experienced professionals, are constantly learning.

This section of Design : Talkboard contains a library of online tutorials and creative techniques for a number of situations that a designer may come across in their career.

From graphics software advice, such as Adobe Photoshop tips, through to desktop publishing solutions, web tutorials and print production advice.

The tips here are not intended to document every single technique for every graphic application. Obviously, the publishers' software manual if usually the first port of call. But we have chosen a series of tutorials, in a questions and answers format, that we feel have real world applications in a professional graphics environment.

And remember, before trying any of these tips, it is strongly recommend that the computer system and all files are backed up. Always work on a copy of the file, not the original!

Graphic design and desktop publishing software tips

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